Friday, April 08, 2005

Harder than I thought...

So it's harder to translate Myra's thoughts about life than I thought. I mean, I know she's trying to tell me something when she lies under the quilt at night or when she's racing from window to window or when I open the closet door and she races to the basement in fear I will pull out the evil-incarnate, a.k.a. the Ironing Board.


But anyway, sometimes all I hear is "meow", so I'm going to write this post in the voice of...

Actually there is something from the Myra news file. Last night we were all lying on Lucy's floor during a difficult bedtime. We thought that maybe she would relax if we fell asleep with her. (We were trying anything at this point, almost 2 hours after we had started "bedtime".) But she continued crying. Myra was also there, napping by our heads. The next thing we knew, she was swiping at Lucy's head (with her declawed paw) and looking quite aggressive. I guess the decibel level was too much for her ears, but needless to say, she was chased out of the room. Jeff gave her quite a dousing with the spray bottle and hopefully she knows it was wrong. We did give Myra a talking to when she came back up and wanted to sleep at the foot of our bed. Her behavior was disconcerting because she'll act concerned about Lucy's emotions, but never aggressive. In the past if Lucy's noise was unbearable, she would just leave the room.

Maybe Myra will give her side of the story in a future post.

Lu has a couple more teeth on the way and is quite sensitive in general, but (at this point) it only adds to her sweetness. As I am learning from my time with her, it could (and probably will) shift into something new next week. This may sound obvious, but knowing it and living it are two different things altogether.

As usual, we are trying to get a lot of stuff done in a very short weekend... and we are preparing for a family visit later this month. I'm working on my grad school application and wondering when I will finally get rid of the clothes/books/papers/crap that I haven't worn/read/thought about/? in 3+ years. I tend to worry about everything at once, so I'm attempting a "master list" so I can tackle one thing at a time. Doesn't everyone have some form of this going on at one time or another?

To those who have made it this far.. I'll post some cute pictures soon, as I know that's why some of my 3 readers come here anyway! Ha!


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