Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The Co-Sleeping Cat

Last night we got our sweet baby to sleep in her own crib. This is nothing new -- she has been spending the first part of the night in her own room for months now and comes in sometime in the night. Right now this is working out for everyone, but we'll probably move her toward sleeping in her own bed all night pretty soon. Even though we have a small-ish bed, I really enjoy seeing her smile when I wake and since she still likes to nurse once or twice in the night, having her right there makes it much easier.
[Feel free to comment away on this practice, but I'm one to think "everyone has their own way but this is what works for us. Or maybe there isn't anyone reading this who would comment, but I though I'd just put that out there.]
So anyway, I was just going to sink down under the covers when our very own Myra decided it would so very nice to co-sleep. She got right in between us and even though I pulled on the covers, she wouldn't budge. And even though she is (finally!) not as heavy as Lucy, she spreads out much more and is just not as cuddly. And there's the shedding. And the teeth which bite at me playfully when I am trying to adjust myself.
I had to laugh at our first "baby" there in what is sometimes Lucy's spot on the bed. Our sweet Myra, trying to move up in the ranks, or at the very least leave some of her scent to say, "I was here first."


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