Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Watching over Lucy.

So they may think I don't pay attention, but I do.
Lucy likes it when I lay by the rocking chair as she falls asleep. They think I won't leave before the door is closed for the night, but do I really want to be closed in there all night? Duh.
Lucy also likes it when I dance with the orange feather toy. What a laugh she has. I really wish, though, that They would attend to her the moment she cries. Why the delay? I mean, don't they know it hurts my ears?
Pictures to follow. Thanks for reading.
Love, Myra
I suppose since Frecklegirl posted our link on her site, I should get to it. I remember thinking that it would be "easy" to write here, about Lucy and Myra. But alas, it is not! As soon as she goes to bed, I am prone to cleaning the refrigerator and recycling old junk mail.
Lucy update: she likes to ride in her grandparents' RV. And I'm just glad Downtown Portland can't see my as we fly up West Burnside in an RV. How decidedly 'un-hip', right? But I think I left hip awhile ago!
Lucy is growing so much -- playing more games and saying "mama" and "kitty cat" at almost 11 months! The kid can't crawl, but she can talk, for god's sake.
More soon -- thanks for visiting -- any advice or comments will be considered!
Fondly, S


Anonymous Jessica said...

I am so happy that you have a place that I can come visit... my happy friend in the west. :)

5:33 AM  

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