Thursday, February 24, 2005


So a couple of us are on a diet. I knew I was in trouble when Jeff brought home that different, orange bag. This crunchy crap is even drier than the last and it's... God, I can hardly bring myself to say it... LIGHT food for "older felines".

I have to take a nap.
Okay, I'm back.

Lucy has had an ear infection and was quite ill last week. Everyone seems to be doing better now, but Sara is also on a new diet -- no dairy. HAHAHA!, I say to that. Now you know how I feel, right? Anyway, the naturopath says no dairy will be better for Lucy's ears.

I wonder if I could get a vet to tell them I need fresh fish 3 times a day? I'll have to think about that.

Lucy's got so many teeth now, I'm afraid she's going to try to bite me! I'll have to get a picture of that when she's smiling. She also likes to play the guitar with Jeff and that's okay with me as long as Sara doesn't whistle. That really bothers me and I have to come and rub on them until the whistling stops. Why do they insist on doing that?

Well, it is getting late and the purple chair awaits. It has been a big day -- the neighbor is painting the house green, the daffodils are coming up (they are confused by the warm weather) and there are new little birds to watch from the window. Sigh.


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