Thursday, January 27, 2005

Hungry Like The Cat

Well, tonight they came home late smelling like Turkey Burgers, bacon, and filbert milkshakes from Burgerville. From their conversation, and the faint hint of Viva Pine incense on their coats, it sounds like they were at a meeting involving Zen Community of Oregon. Great! More Zen means less cat.

Lucy seems to be sleeping a bit more thanks to my hypernap vibe that I spread through the house.

Oh wait, now she's up again -- and she'll probably be taking my spot on the bed.
Who is this chick, anyway? At least she doesn't pull my tail..yet..

Monday, January 24, 2005

Well, now. Hmmm.

You need to understand my suffering. The man of the house, he goes by sundry nicknames but the little one calls him "guh", is scheduled to feed me every morning when his black box says, "this is NPR." Sometimes, though, a cat gets impatient. You would have loved watching him stumble around this morning at 4:54 AM. Poor guy. I want my beef liver when I want it.

Lucy, that's the smallest human, has also started screaming at me. She likes to watch me lick my back and she urges me on with high-pitched accolades that would make a dog go schizo. Seriously!

The guy also took out the trash this morning instead of meditating or scribbling in his dumb book. Usually, that means we get to watch a grumpy evening. Since that bores the kitten out of me, I just decided to nap the night away. My new favorite chair is the antique brown deal with a faded orange cushion. Purr!

Thursday, January 20, 2005


So I've been thinking about blogging. You may not know it, but animals have their own form of this type of communication. My owner (as listed) has been putting off her own blog and it was just getting so boring waiting around.
My picture will be up soon. Ugh. Computers. Whaddaya do about how they work, or don't work, in this case.
Send me your questions, or comments. I will reply. Sometimes, I will post stories about the humans around me, namely the small one who has appeared of late, Lucy.
For now -- to the orange ottoman for some sleep.
Why am I always so tired?