Friday, August 26, 2005

Some summer pictures

This is Lucy at a fountain, at a local outdoor shopping mall (in July). She loved feeling the cold water on her feet.

Lucy at a play date last week. She really likes to share, but she is also very thoughtful when playing with toys by herself, like with that green bucket.

Monday, June 06, 2005

On vacation.

Sorry there folks, I've been on vacation. A special cat vacation. Mostly I've been sleeping and eating and staring out the window. And peeing on the carpet and hacking up hairballs. Okay, so it's not really a vacation, but I'd better not get any guff about it. I've been busy monitoring -- taking care of things if you will.

Lucy is getting so big and I'm not sure what to think about this. She seems to be able to move more easily and, although this does concern me, it's not as much of an issue as the screaming. Something about me makes her shriek. She is, most certainly, excited about me coming into view, but, Dear Lord of All Cats, it is loud. Even in the basement, where I hide in my catbox spewing my litter out in anger, I can hear it. Anyway, I get her back by meowing and pawing at her door and waking her up and then HAH! everyone is awake. And I'm hungry, I don't care that it's 3:30 a.m.

So, what else? Oh, the flinging of food from the highchair. If you happen to visit, just stay clear. Usually there's enough warning, like the aforementioned screaming, and maybe some grunting too. And crying. But, overall, Lucy is great. I love to sit in the doorway and watch her play with her basketball. And sometimes I tell her stories and she laughs at me. She has learned to touch me gently and my owners are good about making sure she's nice to me, which I appreciate.

Wow, this has really worn me out. I think I need a drink. There will be more updates soon, and pictures. I know Sara has taken so many damn pictures of me (with the flash, what the hell was she thinking?) there should be a shot of me up soon.

Love, Myra

Monday, May 23, 2005

Our birthday girl.

Too...much...sugar! (With mom and dad.)

Lucy vocalizing. Heh!! Posted by Hello

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Myra watching the rain.

Lucy loves her basketball.

"See what my life has become? I can't even get to my catbox with this crap blocking the door!"

We think this is a good sign! (Especially since she didn't try to eat the Powell's newsletter.) Posted by Hello

The Co-Sleeping Cat

Last night we got our sweet baby to sleep in her own crib. This is nothing new -- she has been spending the first part of the night in her own room for months now and comes in sometime in the night. Right now this is working out for everyone, but we'll probably move her toward sleeping in her own bed all night pretty soon. Even though we have a small-ish bed, I really enjoy seeing her smile when I wake and since she still likes to nurse once or twice in the night, having her right there makes it much easier.
[Feel free to comment away on this practice, but I'm one to think "everyone has their own way but this is what works for us. Or maybe there isn't anyone reading this who would comment, but I though I'd just put that out there.]
So anyway, I was just going to sink down under the covers when our very own Myra decided it would so very nice to co-sleep. She got right in between us and even though I pulled on the covers, she wouldn't budge. And even though she is (finally!) not as heavy as Lucy, she spreads out much more and is just not as cuddly. And there's the shedding. And the teeth which bite at me playfully when I am trying to adjust myself.
I had to laugh at our first "baby" there in what is sometimes Lucy's spot on the bed. Our sweet Myra, trying to move up in the ranks, or at the very least leave some of her scent to say, "I was here first."

Saturday, April 09, 2005

This is Lucy's Best Friend, Thomas. Be one with him!

Lucy was a wee bit overwhelmed at the birthday party. See her cute pink cheeks? Posted by Hello

Friday, April 08, 2005

Harder than I thought...

So it's harder to translate Myra's thoughts about life than I thought. I mean, I know she's trying to tell me something when she lies under the quilt at night or when she's racing from window to window or when I open the closet door and she races to the basement in fear I will pull out the evil-incarnate, a.k.a. the Ironing Board.


But anyway, sometimes all I hear is "meow", so I'm going to write this post in the voice of...

Actually there is something from the Myra news file. Last night we were all lying on Lucy's floor during a difficult bedtime. We thought that maybe she would relax if we fell asleep with her. (We were trying anything at this point, almost 2 hours after we had started "bedtime".) But she continued crying. Myra was also there, napping by our heads. The next thing we knew, she was swiping at Lucy's head (with her declawed paw) and looking quite aggressive. I guess the decibel level was too much for her ears, but needless to say, she was chased out of the room. Jeff gave her quite a dousing with the spray bottle and hopefully she knows it was wrong. We did give Myra a talking to when she came back up and wanted to sleep at the foot of our bed. Her behavior was disconcerting because she'll act concerned about Lucy's emotions, but never aggressive. In the past if Lucy's noise was unbearable, she would just leave the room.

Maybe Myra will give her side of the story in a future post.

Lu has a couple more teeth on the way and is quite sensitive in general, but (at this point) it only adds to her sweetness. As I am learning from my time with her, it could (and probably will) shift into something new next week. This may sound obvious, but knowing it and living it are two different things altogether.

As usual, we are trying to get a lot of stuff done in a very short weekend... and we are preparing for a family visit later this month. I'm working on my grad school application and wondering when I will finally get rid of the clothes/books/papers/crap that I haven't worn/read/thought about/? in 3+ years. I tend to worry about everything at once, so I'm attempting a "master list" so I can tackle one thing at a time. Doesn't everyone have some form of this going on at one time or another?

To those who have made it this far.. I'll post some cute pictures soon, as I know that's why some of my 3 readers come here anyway! Ha!

Monday, April 04, 2005

My Favorite Chair. Posted by Hello